Make your own free website on is a fairly new EDI Software Comparison website that is used by businesses to find the best pricing and information on various EDI Translation products. There are many Electronic Data Interchange companies out there, but learning about the differences between every one can be a daunting and time consuming task. takes the work out of EDI Selection for you!


We have downloaded and reviewed many different EDI packages from different EDI companies. Some of these EDI Software packages allow you to author your own EDI Maps – which are the back end code or ‘instructions’ needed for EDI translation. Other EDI Providers only offer Outsourcing Services, or remote EDI translation instead of software. Each EDI company might have one or more actual EDI solutions. They let you browse each EDI company ‘s offerings and provide contact information so you can learn more about their pricing options.



An EDI Company is considered an EDI Software Provider if they have at least one product that you can download and run locally on your computer or servers. This PC or server based application will provide EDI Translation Services, but may also include communications, map writing utilities, or other EDI components besides just the EDI Software.



EDI Vendors who offer software will usually have one version that allows you to write your own EDI maps. There are other EDI companies who will have canned maps, or templates that can usually be modified to your own specifications. Each EDI Business need has to be evaluated to see if the costs of maps or mapping services are worth it for your company. If you have a large number of Trading Partners, you may benefit financially from authoring your own maps whenever a new client or vendor gets brought on board. If you have a large amount of transaction volume, you should also avoid any EDI providers that charge you an additional fee for using their software per translation. Look for ‘Unlimited EDI Translation’ Software at EDI Vendors like ProEDI.


Another popular route many new EDI Providers are offering is the Outsourcing model. In EDI Outsourcing the services are usually performed remotely, in the cloud, or via a web application. EDI Vendors who offer this service are usually called ‘EDI Service Bureaus’. You might also see an EDI business label itself a ‘Managed EDI Services’ Partner. These EDI companies will usually charge you a monthly fee based on your transaction volume, but they usually charge less for the up front mapping services and setup.


You can use to easily Compare EDI options across a wide category of EDI businesses. From EDI Service Providers to EDI Software companies, Compare EDI will help you to evaluate your company’s EDI options and make the best decision possible.